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VDLR strives to provide our clients with a hassle-free and cost effective process for getting their residential projects designed, permitted and built..

Our team prides itself on specializing in Design/Building  Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's), SB9 Secondary Units, Remodels/Additions, Custom Homes, Airbnbs and Multi-Family Apartment as well. No project is too small or too big for us to handle. 

Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

  • PROSPECT - VDLR analyzes the market for opportunities that maximize returns on investments. We create responsive and elegant projects that satisfy those  immediate/future design needs.  

  • SITE ACQUISITION - VDLR has access to quality ON and OFF-market land/lots/properties that are pre-screened for successful acquisition.

  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES - VDLR performs initial market analysis, due diligence, building/zoning code evaluations and financial feasibility studies directly with the client as part of the project support.

  • MARKETING - VDLR  provides innovative marketing strategies that maximize the market exposure of our real estate products for a successful asset sale, lease or holding strategy.  

  • LEADERSHIP - VDLR's holistic real estate development approach allows us to spearhead the project from it's inception - all the way through construction. We inject ourselves in every aspect of the project delivery so as to secure the design intent and the project's success.

DESIGN & Permit
  • PROGRAMMING - VDLR's structured research and problem-solving process is used to identify, examine, and elaborate upon the various needs underlying a design project. This is the foundation for a creative, meaningful, and-ultimately-useful design solution.

  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN - VDLR's designers establish the conceptual design of the project while illustrating the project scales, relationships between project components and overall design intent.

  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - VDLR's designers hone-in on the building’s relationships, forms, size and overall aesthetic appearance through further development of the plans and specifications.

  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS - VDLR's designers complete in detail the requirements for permitting and construction of the project.

  • PROJECT PERMITTING - VDLR leads the final design effort towards a successful project approval through the subject jurisdiction.

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  • CONSTRUCTION - VDLR in Collaboration with MNFST Builders (Lic#1101194) will manage the build from start to finish using the highest quality of building construction standards. 

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